Mark challenges Nigerian youths on political impunity


Ahead of the 2015 elections, Senate President David Mark has challenged Nigerian youths to rise up against electoral or political impunity that undermines the progress of Nigeria as a nation.

He said this had become imperative in view of recent political developments in the country in order to safeguard democracy, saying it was adjudged as “undoubtedly the superior and the best form of government because it is premised on the respect for man as a reasonable being.”

He gave the admonition while addressing the audience at the maiden edition of the Initiative of Integrity Icons international in honour of the publisher of Leadership Newspapers, Sam NDA-Isaiah, in Minna, Niger State, at the weekend.

Mark, in a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Paul Mumeh, said the historic challenge facing today’s youth was to work to further deepen democracy and those values sustaining it.

Speaking through his Chief of Staff, Senator Anthony Manzo, he stated that democracy with its ballot box, wass the only political tool that offered Nigerians a fighting chance, because it afforded them a viable mechanism to hold those in power accountable.

Senator Mark lamented that a vast majority of the Nigerian youths had been lost to crime and to endeavours that undermined national development.



One thought on “Mark challenges Nigerian youths on political impunity

  1. We don’t need to be challenged all we need is proper handing over or we’ll come to take what righfully belongs to us

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