Lol! Man slumps at bus-stop, asks for food!

A middle-aged man caused confusion at Sabo bus-stop in Yaba area of Lagos State after he suddenly slumped.

The man, who was identified simply as Taiwo, a resident of the area, fell down around 10am at the junction as policemen directing traffic watched in horror.

Our correspondent, who witnessed the incident, observed that immediately Taiwo fell, policemen from Sabo Police Division, who were directing the traffic, moved towards the victim.

Few minutes after falling, Taiwo began to foam in the mouth, just as his face was covered in blood because he had hit his head against the tarred road.

He was almost crushed by vehicles before some Good Samaritans lifted him to a safer side of the road.

He slowly came round and began to speak after water was poured on his head.

He said, “I was returning from the hospital. I had taken a drug which required me to eat one hour after. But the time had passed, and when I got to the junction, I felt giddy and didn’t know how I lost control.”

He asked for food with enough sprinkle of pepper so he could fully recuperate.

Around 11.00am, a relative of Taiwo was contacted by some of the people at the bus-stop who said they knew him.

One of the sympathisers claimed the victim came from a wealthy home, adding that his twin brother lived overseas.

Few minutes later, he was taken away by a man who claimed to be a relation.


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