NotJustOk’s list of Top 10 Most Gifted Rappers – who agrees with it?

Music website NotJustOk yesterday released a list of their Top 10 Most Gifted Rappers in Nigeria and placed Olamide as the second best rapper in Nigeria after Modenine. See the list below…

1. Modenine
2. Olamide
3. Phyno
4. M.I
5. Sinzu (Sauce Kid)
6. ShowDemCamp (SDC)
7. Ice Prince
8. Vector
9. Naeto C
10. Reminisce

Where’s Jesse Jagz? Personally, the likes of Phyno,SDC (They are good though) do not deserve to be on the list because they do not even have any good albums to their credits and it is also getting so boring that Modenine tops anything that has to do with rap in Nigeria with his style that he refused to upgrade. He should learn from the likes of JayZ,Nas,Dr. Dre and co by just trying to stay relevant in the game. Like, we are all entitled to our opinions, Eldee just tweeted about releasing his own list of “Top Naija Rappers” shortly. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see where this ends..Check out tweets from other rappers who disagree with’s list… the way, who’s Godwon????

Posted by Salmon Abiodun


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